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Read on to hear from a couple of our Way2Work alumni about their apprenticeship journey!

What elements of the apprenticeship did you enjoy?

"The elements that I enjoyed were that the apprenticeship encouraged me to grow and mature as a person, as well as working in an office environment that helped me grow individually, learning how to communicate with people effectively which helped both my work life and personal life."

- Airton Santiago, Level 3 Business Administration


What support did Way2Work offer you throughout your apprenticeship?

"My assessor, Ann, was able to provide me with the support and resources I needed to get through my exams. She is incredibly experienced and was always on hand to offer me advice. Ann really helped me to feel confident and prepared for my exams."

- Daisy Barker, Level 3 Business Administration


What skills have you developed while completing your apprenticeship?

"The skills I have developed during my apprenticeship are teamwork, patience and adapting to change as no two days are ever the same as a Teaching Assistant. These are valuable skills that I will be able to use not only in my apprenticeship, but in future roles as well."

- Thalia Andall Fox, Level 3 Teaching Assistant