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Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering with the Windsor and Maidenhead Youth Offending Team

The Windsor and Maidenhead Youth Offending Team is a multi-agency team coordinated by Achieving for Children and overseen by the Youth Justice Board.

Our main aim of the team is to reduce anti-social and offending behaviour of children and young people, working with them at different stages of the criminal justice system.

We are currently recruiting new volunteers to support the young people who work with us. We need members of the community to act as: appropriate adults, reparation supervisors, panel members and mentors.

Appropriate adult

An appropriate adult is someone who safeguards the interests, rights, entitlements and welfare of children and vulnerable people who are suspected of a criminal offence.

Reparation supervisor

Reparation is a practical way to pay back for the harm caused by an offence. A reparation supervisor would support this reparation within the community by supporting the young person whilst completing gardening projects, painting, litter picking etc.

Panel member

Panel members are members of the community who facilitate a meeting to agree with the young person a plan of action how to put right the harm caused and how they can prevent future offending.


Mentoring aims to improve self-esteem, educational achievement training and employment whilst breaking down social isolation for our young people.


If you are over 18 and interested or would like further details, please call 01628 683280.