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About us


We are champions for children and families

Achieving for Children (AfC) is a community interest company (a not-for-profit social enterprise) created in 2014 by the Royal Borough of Kingston and the London Borough of Richmond to provide their children’s services. In 2017, the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead joined AfC as our third owner. We now deliver social care, education and health services to children and young people across all three boroughs.

At AfC, our mission is to provide children and their families with the support and services they need to live happy, healthy and successful lives. 

We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do by putting children and young people first in the design, delivery and evaluation of every service we provide.

Our broad service offer is informed by leading practice and a strong evidence-base of what works best. It is guided by our daily work with children and young people and the organisations that work with us to help and support them.

As a social enterprise, we take a business approach to delivering our social aims. We have the independence and flexibility to tailor innovative solutions to the needs of children and their families, whilst maintaining our strong bond and deep commitment to society and public service. 

We work closely with Kingston, Richmond and Windsor & Maidenhead councils to set priorities and ensure that children's services remain an integral part of the local public sector offer across all three boroughs.