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NUS Apprentice Extra provides discounts in-store and online at your favourite brands to help your hard earned cash go a little further.

They are run by the National Union of Students, (NUS) and so the money they raise selling the discount card helps to fund a new National Society for Apprentices, which will serve to represent your needs and those of all vocational learners.

NUS Apprentice Extra also have discounted travel cards available for apprentices. The Apprentice Extra card gives you exclusive discounts from 100s of top brands for just £11 & is valid for a full 12 months. Please visit NUS Apprentice Extra for details.

If you are an apprentice living in London then you are also eligible for an Apprentice Oyster Card. You can find out how to apply for one here.

To apply, you will need the following information:

  • Your Unique Learner Number (ULN) (please contact Way2Work to get this) 

  • The Way2WorkUKPRN for Way2Work (please contact Way2Work to get this)

  • An active email address

  • A digital photo of yourself 

  • An administration fee of £20

London Borough address (use this link).