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Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act gives members of the public the right to information held by public authorities. As a community interest company wholly owned by three local authorities (Kingston, Richmond and Windsor & Maidenhead), Achieving for Children is a public authority and we are subject to the requirements of the FOI Act.

Requests for information relating to children’s services, such as the delivery of services, spending and performance in Kingston, Richmond and Windsor and Maidenhead are managed by Achieving for Children.

Before making a request check the information is not already published:

Publication Scheme

Strategies, policies and reports

If you have not found the information you require on our website you can make an information request.

Make an FOI request relating to children’s services in Kingston, Richmond and Windsor & Maidenhead

If you want information about yourself, you need to make a Subject Access Request (SAR), instead of a Freedom of Information request, please go to Individual Rights.

The FOI process

We will have 20 working days in which to give a full response. We will write to you to:

  • acknowledge your request
  • ask for more details or clarification if your request is not clear
  • say whether a fee is required to provide the information requested
  • let you know if the information you have requested falls under one of the exemptions under the FOI Act and therefore may not be released. If this is the case, we will tell you which exemption has been applied and the reasons for our decision. The Information Commissioner’s website has more information on exemptions.


In most cases, information will be supplied free of charge. However, in some circumstances, a charge may be applicable for some information, for example, paper copies sent out by post. You will be advised of any costs before any information is sent to you.

If your request is refused

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive to an FOI request you can ask us to review it. Your request for an internal review should be sent to [email protected]

If, after an internal review, you are still not satisfied then you can ask the Information Commissioner to decide whether your request has been dealt with in accordance with the Act.