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Provider Access Legislation (PAL) Support

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Provider Access Legislation (PAL) Support

As a minimum, schools must now provide at least six encounters with approved providers of apprenticeships and technical education for all of their students. 

To meet the PAL requirements, Way2Work can support you through the following activities:

  • Assemblies
  • Tutor time
  • Lunch time events
  • Online 'live' Q&A interactive sessions
  • Follow up one-to-one IAG with interested students

The sessions will be run by successful Way2Work apprentices to give students a real insight from young people about the apprenticeship journey and destinations. These encounters would also meet Gatsby Benchmark 7 specifically, but also support Benchmarks 1, 2 (as the opportunities are in the local labour market) and 3.

Please express your interest here. Or contact Matthew Burke directly at [email protected] or on 020 8831 6353.