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Business administration

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Level 3 Business Administrator

Business administrators have a highly transferable set of knowledge, skills and behaviours that can be applied in all sectors. This includes small and large businesses alike; from the public sector, private sector and charitable sector.

The role involves working independently or as part of a team and will involve developing, implementing, maintaining and improving administrative services. Business administrators develop key skills and behaviours to support their own progression towards management responsibilities.

With a focus on adding value, the role of a business administrator is to contribute to the efficiency of an organisation, through support of functional areas, working across teams and resolving issues as requested.

In their daily work, business administrators will carry out a wide variety of tasks, such as:

  • Providing office support
  • Keeping well-organised files and records of business activity
  • Keeping computer databases up to date
  • Interacting with clients either on the phone or in person
  • Using spreadsheets to track expenses and company spending
  • Acting as a personal assistant to the executive team
  • Scheduling appointments and events
  • Participating in office meetings and taking meeting minutes
  • Giving feedback on office efficiency and suggesting possible improvements etc.

The Level 3 business administrator qualification may be a gateway to further career opportunities, such as management or senior support roles, to mention a few:

  • Administration team leader
  • Database clerk
  • Executive officer
  • Office supervisor
  • Personal assistant (PA)
  • Secretary
  • Administration clerk/officer

Usually, 12 to 18 months.

Apprentices will be required to have taken Level 2 english and maths tests, prior to completion of their apprenticeship.

When your training is complete, we will make the decision, along with your employer, to put you forward to your End Point Assessment (EPA). This is the final process in your apprenticeship, it is an assessment of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that you would have learn throughout the apprenticeship.

This will involve an Independent Assessor visiting you in your workplace to complete the following:

  1. Portfolio based interview
  2. Project presentation
  3. Knowledge test

Your employer, your assessor and the W2W team will support you through the EPA. For more information about the process, you can contact the W2W team at [email protected]

When you have successfully completed your apprenticeship and passed your EPA, you will be awarded a certificate.


Please click here to view the full scheme of work for the Level 3 Business Administration qualification.

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Becoming a business administrator is an exciting job, not only will you have the advantage of a flexible career, you will also develop practical and technical skills, not just in your professional life, but your personal life too.


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