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Fostering training


As a foster carer with Achieving for Children, you’ll have ongoing training throughout your career. The purpose of this is to support you to develop your fostering skills to further understand the children you will be living with and ensure that our practice embraces new approaches whilst fulfilling our statutory obligations.

You’ll also have training before we give you the approval to foster, both virtual and face to face in our training centres. You start with the Skills to Foster course (an introduction to fostering) and then take a home study assessment before we give you formal approval. 

In your first year, you’ll complete a workbook and be guided through it by your supervising social worker.

In the following years, you’ll have ongoing training to build your skills, and we’ll look to you to seek personal development by learning from other foster carers, as well as sharing with others.

Achieving for Children has developed a special three level training programme. As a new foster carer, you’ll be supported as you progress through your training and development portfolio to demonstrate your achievement of the government’s Training, Support and Development Standards for Foster Care within your first 12 months of approval.


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