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Fostering - transfer to AfC

For current foster carers

Maybe you’re looking for a fresh challenge, or you’re keen to make the most of your skills, or be paid more generously for your expertise. As you’re already an experienced foster carer, you certainly understand the importance and impact of high quality foster care to children and young people in need.

Why transfer?

Whether you are caring for a linked child under connected care or any other type of fostering, Achieving for Children’s commitment to a high level of support enables our carers to provide first-rate fostering that has positive outcomes for the child. 

  • A fostering agency that helps you be your best in your role
  • Supportive local teams, buddy systems and peer networks
  • Excellent free training
  • A team with established relationships with our children’s social care teams
  • Generous foster carer pay and annual fostering allowance increases

Our goal is to build incredible futures for vulnerable children and young people in the UK by empowering them to be happy and make their way in the world.

How to transfer

We ensure that there is no impact on children placed with you, or your own children. And we work closely with the children’s social workers to ensure this, no matter the local authority. 

We make the transfer process as simple as possible for you. The transfer process might vary slightly, depending on which foster agency or local authority you are with now, however our experienced teams are with you every step of the way.

  1. Have an informal discussion with us.
  2. Once you’ve met with us and made the decision to transfer, you will notify your current agency or local authority that you intend to transfer.
  3. We aim to make the assessment process easy, so we will gather as much information as possible from your current fostering service. You will meet your assessing social worker, who will be with you throughout your assessment process. 
  4. You will attend a bespoke skills to foster training session to get to know your colleagues and meet some of our current foster carers.

Your application will be reviewed at our Fostering Panel, which will make a recommendation prior to our Agency Decision Maker confirming your approval with us.

Contact us today for an informal discussion