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Fostering - carers' testimonials

What our foster carers say about fostering...

It’s great seeing the glimpses of your foster child being happy, content and carefree.

Fostering does require resilience... It’s an emotional and challenging task, but the rewards are huge.

The stories of the children we have fostered become our stories and their incredible personalities, struggles, strengths, challenges, smiles and joys shape our lives and the lives of our birth children in the most wonderful way.

The rewards outweigh the challenges.

To get to know these young people and children and get to play such a privileged role in their lives at such a tricky time in their stories, is the best and most exciting and fulfilling adventure we could ever have hoped for.

We love that we are playing a vital role in our community.

I would encourage anyone to consider fostering – really consider it. The professional support network is there to guide you through each stage. Full disclosure, it can be hard work. There are tears and difficult goodbyes and frustrations. All of that pales in comparison to the joy of the role.

The best thing about fostering? ...The children!

We get great support from our social worker.

Best adventure ever!