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Privacy notice for young people

What is a privacy notice ?

It explains how Achieving for Children uses your personal information. If you need help in understanding anything you can ask an adult who you trust to go through it with you. 

What types of information we hold about you:  

  • Your name, where you live, email address and phone number
  • Your date of birth
  • Your gender
  • Your family members and friends (only when we need to)
  • Records of when you contacted us, or we contacted you, or when you asked us to do something
  • Photos of you
  • Your hobbies, likes and dislikes, how you feel about things and what makes you happy or sad

We may also collect special information about you such as:

  • Your ethnicity
  • Where you or your family members are originally from
  • Your religious beliefs
  • Information about your health, such as any injuries you have or times you may have been ill, and any disabilities you may have

The reasons we collect information about you:

  • To help you get through a difficult time
  • To make sure you are all right if you are worried about something
  • If the law allows us to use it
  • To provide information, care and support to you and your family

How we collect information about you:

  • Directly from you during meetings or home visits
  • From your parents and carers in telephone calls or face to face meetings
  • From other people who know you and your family, such as the police, schools, doctors and social workers

Who we share your personal information with:

We share your personal information where it is appropriate and lawful to help keep you safe and to ensure we provide you and your family with the right support. Your information may be shared with:

  • your parents and carers
  • your school
  • doctor or school nurse
  • social workers or other professionals working with you and your family

How long will we keep your information:

  • 100 years for adoption records
  • 75 years for children looked after records
  • 40 years for child protection records

How we keep your personal information secure:

  • We have security in place to help stop your personal information being lost or used in the wrong way
  • We limit access to your personal information to people who need it to make sure you get the right care and support
  • Those who must use your information will do so confidentially 

Your rights: 

  • You can ask for a copy of your personal information
  • You can ask us to stop using your personal information

Please contact us at: [email protected] 

You can also complain about how we use your information. If you are not happy, please contact our Data Protection Officer at: [email protected]

You can make a complaint directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office at