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What we do

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At Anstee Bridge, we offer an alternative creative programme for young people who are struggling with their social, emotional and mental health.

  • Physiological: We focus on self-care, healthy eating, sexual health, hygiene 
  • Safety: We work in small groups of up to 8 to ensure young people feel safe in their surroundings and are free to express themselves. 
  • Love/belonging: We help to build the young person's relationship with their wider family and friends through a love for self 
  • Esteem: We focus on young people's passions, strengths and creatively find ways to use those for community benefit
  • Self actualisation: We empower young people to design and complete creative projects, leading to a sense of achievement and building on skills young people could use in a career. 

Each young person who attends Anstee Bridge follows a creative curriculum which has progressive milestones which enables the students to gain in confidence and self belief. Within the curriculum, longer term projects are established within the community which enable the young people to develop more skills and increase connection within the community.

"Anstee has been amazing and I'm not sure what would have happened if I hadn't of been there. I felt safe at Anstee and that they cared about me." - Young person

Some of the more recent projects that the young people have been involved in include:

  • 'HOPE' - an illustrated book for local primary school children exploring worries and anxieties.
  • ‘SCAR’ - a play exploring young people’s feelings about their mental health. It was performed at the National Archives, Rose Theatre, Turing House, Heatham House and Kingston Hospital.
  • ‘EMOJI’ - exploring mental health and domestic abuse.
  • ‘Fried Chicken’ - a play exploring gang crime and male identity.
  • 'Our Health, Your Hands’ - exploring 70 years of the NHS
  • '60 Years of Fashion' - which led to an interdisciplinary, digital exhibit with the Museum of London. 

These projects have been joint ventures with our amazing local partner, Bounce Theatre.

Through these projects we have been able to encourage young people to engage in the arts, identifying new talents in young people.

A number have gone on to study the arts at college or participated in events such as a Donmar Warehouse writing competition, which was won by one of our young people.

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At the end of our year, we celebrate our young people’s work with a graduation.

This is an opportunity to showcase their work to family, friends and the wider community.

It is also our opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous journey each individual has been on in their time with us, along with a chance to make sure they feel part of the Anstee alumni and can always count on our support in the future.


"I couldn't have survived without Anstee, it's given me something positive and safe to come to. I had lots of fun and enjoyed meeting new people whilst learning so much about myself." - Young person

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