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"Anstee is the answer for our vulnerable young people who need a nurturing environment in order for them to thrive. We have seen the confidence and self esteem rise in the young people that have been to Anstee and Katherine and her wonderful team provide an environment that is truly unique and inspiring." - P. Ridges, Hollyfield School

"I can’t describe how inspirational Anstee Bridge is and the incredible effect Katherine, Laura and their  team of volunteers have on our students. They manage to make differences no other team seems to make with incredibly tricky cases. They make it look easy, but it isn’t, and their impact seems to make a long term difference for the better." - Ailish Southall, Richard Challoner School

"Anstee Bridge has been one of the most impactful interventions for our students at TGS and has made a positive change to all students referred. Student engagement, attendance and emotional resilience has increased over time impacting positively on their ability to continue to access mainstream education and complete GCSE examinations.

The staff go above and beyond to support the needs of our most vulnerable students at risk of missing education and/or with significant SEMH needs. Not only does Anstee Bridge support students, but they work very closely with schools to ensure support is seamless and information is shared promptly. We look forward to continuing to work with Anstee Bridge next school year." - Robyn Munro, Tolworth Girls' School

"We are very happy with the service you provide our boys we send to you. We have used your provision for a number of years and will continue to do so. Anstee bridge really helps our most vulnerable students and they feel very supported and cared for. The activities that you deliver are suitable and enjoyable for our students. All our students that have attended have engaged with your provision and felt valued. This showed in their attitude and attendance within school." - K. Clements, Southborough Boys' School

"Anstee Bridge offers a unique and unparalleled service that holds immense influence over students, their overall confidence, and ultimately their happiness. Through their dedicated efforts, Katherine and Laura exemplify genuine care, nurturing, and educational support for the children they serve. They not only instil in them a profound sense of self-worth and belonging but also foster the crucial belief that they have the capacity to aspire to greater heights. We are lucky to have had the privilege of offering this service to our students. Thank you Anstee Bridge." - Ms. Assal Ruse, Twickenham School

"Excellent communication from Anstee Bridge throughout the process and the impact of their work on our young people's self-esteem, confidence and ability to re-engage with school is visible." - Mrs CEK Knight, Coombe Girls' School

"Anstee Bridge has made a huge impact on each of the students we have referred to Anstee Bridge this year. The communication has been very good from Anstee Bridge and I feel very lucky to be able to work with Katherine and Laura, they both are very approachable and are always willing to help. I have been able to speak to Katherine on multiple occasions where I have concerns or worries regarding a student and Katherine has been able to give me support in possible next steps for the students which I am hugely appreciative and thankful for. Katherine and Laura have also been able to offer additional support to the student which has meant they feel cared for and listened to which has been so important to them. 

Anstee Bridge have helped coordinate family meetings to ensure that we are working as a team around the child and this collaborative approach has worked well for a lot of the families and students. 

I feel that Anstee Bridge has an understanding of the problems that students face, they are able to talk in depth with the students and really get to know each one of them so they are able to support them in a way which is meaningful and individualised. The creative tasks are a great outlet for a lot of young students and a lot of our students are keen to come back and share what they have done at Anstee Bridge. I know Anstee Bridge has made a difference to all of the students we have referred to but in particular to one of our Year 11's who had an extremely difficult time where their mental health declined massively and Anstee's support of this student meant that they were able to see they were cared about and valued at a time where there self-esteem was non-existent. This student was able to sit their exams this year which at times we did not think was going to be a possibility. 

I have made referrals for next year for all the year groups which we are able to refer for and look forward to continuing to work with Anstee Bridge next year and I hope they are able to run the program as they do currently." - The Kingston Academy