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16 November 2023

AfC Board approval granted for pay award 2023/24 for Kingston and Richmond and staff

The Board is responsible for approving pay awards each year and approved the pay award for Windsor and Maidenhead based staff in March 2023 at 4%.

For staff on teachers terms and conditions the recommended pay award is 6.5% for 2023/24. This is the percentage that was agreed at a national level following well documented (in the news) negotiations between teaching unions and the Government.

For staff on AfC terms and conditions the protocol each year has been to mirror the council pay awards in Richmond and Kingston. Both local authorities follow National Joint Council (NJC) recommendations, and pay awards are negotiated at a national level between the NJC and employer representatives.

The recommended pay award for 2023/24 is a fixed amount to be added to the pay scales and the amount varies for different pay award bands. The recommendation is as follows: increase of £1,925 on all spinal points between 2-43, £2,226 on spinal points 43-48, £2,352 on spinal points 49-50 and 3.88% on all other grades.

The fixed amount approach means that the percentage increase received by staff will depend on their spinal point, but broadly speaking all staff will receive a minimum of 3.5% pay award. 

The pay award was approved by the AfC Board outside the AfC Board cycle of meetings on 16 November 2023.