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Health and wellbeing

We care about our workforce

We care about our workforce and work hard to ensure all of our employees are aware of the support packages.
We prioritise a healthy work-life approach, helping you to balance the things that are important to you outside work, as well as finding work satisfying. We offer wellbeing events, flexible working arrangements, enhanced maternity, paternity and adoption leave schemes, and continued training and development opportunities to promote a healthy workforce.

Mental health support

Mental health is a continuum and we all have struggles at different times. Our commitment at AfC is to support people and to maintain an environment where we can talk openly about mental health, and where nobody is judged for taking steps to manage their wellbeing.

There are a few practical things we have available:

  • We encourage people who need it to take advantage of the ‘wellbeing hour’ to recharge your batteries.

  • Wellbeing perks offered through the wellness at work hub, such as desk yoga or mediation.

  • We have developed a mental health training programme, and encourage people to create a personalised Wellness Action Plan if they think it’s helpful. Wellness plans are developed with line managers, looking at supportive factors, what has benefited the individual’s wellbeing in the past and how to recognise when support might be needed.

  • We have invested in an employee assistance programme providing a 24/7 phone counselling, advice and information service. Once you have started you will be able to access the Wellbeing Portal and be able to gain access to health and wellbeing tools, and can also book confidential therapy sessions with accredited therapists and counsellors.