Achieving for Children

Working with our young leaders of the future

Achieving for Children’s Youth Services have just finished running very successful elections for the Kingston and Richmond Youth Councils and the UK Youth Parliament.

Nearly 6000 young people in schools and youth centres across both boroughs took part in polling between 6 and 24 March.

Kingston’s and Richmond’s results were announced on 28 and 30 March respectively.

Richmond representative

Above: Richmond’s representatives. Top of screen: Kingston’s representatives.

​Marcus Dyke was successfully elected as the UK Youth Parliament representative for Kingston upon Thames; Max Pietrangeli  was elected to represent Richmond upon Thames.

The following were elected to the Kingston and Richmond Youth Council: Anna Ferris Simpson, Christopher Sinnott, Daniel Adeyemi, Edie Bing, Hugo Lowell, Jashan Ball, Joe Crabtree, Joe Whittaker , Max Pietrangeli, Mehakdeep Kaur, Niketa Evoyage, Abi Fisher, Alex Lynch, Eliada Idehen, Holly Hinchcliffe, Isobel Trapnell Hoyle, Jasmin Shahid, Jasmine Brown, Josie OConnell, Kailin Guo, Kitty Hafenrichter, Mya Williamson-Brown, Oscar Marsh, Pollyana Roberts, Freya McMurray, Isabella Topley, Leila Cocking, Marcus Dyke, Piotr Piwowarczyk, Ridwaanah Alamin, Sharine Yogeswaran.

The young politicians took part in a number of activities in the run up to the elections, including training for ​campaigning, public speaking and creating policies and manifestos, as well as speaking at hustings.

Robert Henderson, our Director of Children’s Services: “There was a really good turnout for this year’s elections and it is incredibly rewarding to see so many young people get involved in local politics and have a say in the issues which affect them.”

The new members will take up post on 1 April 2017.