Achieving for Children

Wellbeing video transcript

Here at Achieving for Children, we really do think about our wellbeing. And any employee that comes to your organisation, we have a genuine interest in what wellbeing looks like.

We think about three key areas: emotional health of our staff, physical health of our staff, and the social aspects of our staff. So for example, when we look at a desk here, we think about how best that’s going to suit you, so we do a work desk assessment.

We recognise that when you work for us, there’s going to be a lot of sitting down at times, so we always encourage you to try and stand up, to walk around and think about your own wellbeing.

You’ll be encouraged by your colleagues, you’ll be encouraged by your managers to really think about that, because when you’re healthy, you deliver more effectively for us, and we will support you more effectively.

Here at Achieving for Children, we’re proud to say our colleagues get a range of activities available for them. Lunchtime sessions, for example, may include yoga or Pilates. We also have massage days for our colleagues, where they can book in some five minute, 10 minute slots.

We also do team events, so our colleagues can get involved in active activities, and compete against each other, have a little bit of fun.

Then we talk about our Wellbeing Days, for colleagues to come long, meet with health professionals, and think about their wellbeing in general, at home and at work. And that might include BMI checks, that might include physical activities.

At the end of the day, colleagues have been the ones that have really shaped this programme, and will continue to do so in the future.

Achieving for Children