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Social work career path video transcript

I have been at Achieving for Children for five years. I started my social work journey with Kingston. I completed the Frontline programme and was placed here as a student where I did my on the job training. And I did 170 days of placement within a team with a CSW, Consultant Social Worker.

And at that point I sat within a safeguarding context. So I was holding child in need cases and coworking cases. I then completed my assisted and supported year of employment in Achieving for Children, where I moved over to a referrals and assessment team.

And I spent two years in that team where I really kind of honed my assessment skills, my knowledge, and really kind of got a good feel about what thresholds were like in Kingston. And I got to do some of the work that perhaps I wouldn’t have done if I’d have gone straight into safeguarding, because you just see so much more in a referral and assessment team.

Within that team, I was supported by a really, really great manager who saw my areas of strengths, and she saw the areas where I needed to be pushed a little bit farther and where I needed to have that little bit of support to help me to develop and grow into the social worker that I am today.

So even though I was in a referral and assessment team, I was able to complete parenting assessments for the safeguarding team, which gave me some experience of court work, all be it a very small kind of snapshot of that.

After two years, I then moved over to the safeguarding team where I became a senior practitioner and I got a little bit more experience in the court arena. And I had that experience of working longer term cases of working cases where we were considering removal or had to remove children.

It’s a part of our job, but it was about doing that in a way that was positive. And was as positive as could be for that family. And I was supported all the way through that. I never felt alone in those moments. I never felt that I had to make a decision on my own. It was all about the management support that I was getting to help me and to reflect on, you know, why we were making those decisions.

So I did that for a year and then I’ve stepped up now and become a team leader. So my progression has been quick, but I’ve always been supported. I have been pushed at times when I’ve not necessarily thought that I could do things. I have had access to some of the most incredible training.

So I was funded to do my achieving best evidence training with the police. I’m now being funded to do my practice educator training. And it it’s just about me having that opportunity to expand my skillset. And that’s something that Achieving for Children really push and promote.

They want their social workers to be the best social workers that they can be. And we have the opportunity to do that. If there’s an area that you are interested in, then there is a space for you to have those conversations with your management team and to look at how you can increase those goals. And so, at the moment, I sit as a life story work champion.

So I have an interest in developing life story work for the children that we work with. And I’m on a team of people that can think about how we push that forward and how we implement that. And there is a real view of kind of bottom up thinking at times, you know, it’s about what are we saying? What are we as practitioners saying, and this is what we need. And we have a space to have those conversations with senior leadership and to really sort of explore that with them. And I think that’s just a really positive thing.

I think I’m really, really supported within this team and within this service. And I think that’s something that I can’t get across to you guys enough, is that the reason that I’ve been here for five years is because I work with wonderful people and not just my team, but the back office staff, the senior leadership team, you know, there’s a real drive for us all be together and to you know, do our jobs to the best of our ability.

And I think that’s probably why I continue to work for Achieving for Children.

Achieving for Children