Achieving for Children

Business Services video transcript

So, five years ago, I joined AfC as an apprentice, where I completed a Business Level 2 and Level 3 course in Business Administration.

I then was provided with an opportunity to move on to a business support role, where I focused more on the day-to-day running of the Twickenham Training Centre, so, going into the rooms, making sure that it, operationally it was working to time, and also managing the reception desk.

After that, my manager at the time, encouraged – she was moving on to a different role – she encouraged me to actually apply for her role, which at the time I was a bit like, OK, I don’t know how I feel about that, but yeah, it provided me with great self-confidence, which I think I needed at the time, being quite a young person.

Everyone in my team will tell you how quiet I was as an apprentice, so I think it was a real big confidence boost.

From there, I managed to get the role, you’d be pleased to know, and then after that, I recruited my team, which was only a team of two at the time, and we focused on the day-to-day running of the Twickenham Training Centre and administration tasks from the Workforce Development leads. In between that management role and where I am today, I received a number of training opportunities, so classroom-based, as well as e-learning.

More importantly for myself was the talent management programme, which my manager at the time, kind of pushed me and nominated me for. I was also given coaching opportunities into an area which was kind of in my role, but was kind of also something a bit more personal to me of where I want to go with my career. So that was really helpful, and I think that programme really helped me shape myself and how I wanted to be as a manager and where I am today.

So I’ve now been, I’m now in a role as the Events Training Facilities Manager, across two sites, the Twickenham Training Centre and the King Charles Centre in Surbiton, where I’m looking to create commercial opportunities I’d say, for businesses who are looking to hire out our rooms. But I also manage six staff across those two locations, and our main focus is to commission the training for AfC staff and for outside partners.

Overall, I think that AfC provide the opportunities and the management that I’ve have really pushed me, but it’s also down to yourself I think. I’ve worked hard, I’ve taken those opportunities that’ve been given to me, so yeah, so yeah, that’s my story, I guess.

Achieving for Children