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Learning and development

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At Achieving for Children we understand that training and development needs vary from organisation to organisation, and from individual to individual. That’s why we believe in the personal touch: all of our staff have access to a professional development lead who works with them to design a package to meet their needs.

This includes a tailored induction, access to a wide-ranging in-house programme, and opportunity to access a range of post-qualifying awards.

We provide a comprehensive training package for our workforce, enabling them to keep up to date with professional developments and re-registration requirements, enriching their learning and professional development experiences. This includes a structured induction, access to a wide-ranging in-house programmes, and opportunity to access a range of post-qualifying awards.

Our training offer has been praised by Ofsted, and is multi-professional where appropriate.

A clearly set out and accessible learning and development pathway is available to all staff once they have completed their probationary period. This includes:

  • funding for external and post qualifying courses
  • development pathways
  • coaching and access to training resources
  • annual professional development scheme

We have a dedicated continuing professional development website for staff.

Company induction programme

A tailored induction programme is available to support our new colleague to make the transition into your new role as smooth as possible. This includes a manager’s induction programme covering their first six months in post.

Access to Social Work Teaching Partnership opportunities

As Lead Partner in the Developing Together Social Work Teaching Partnership, our staff are able to access a regular programme of events and opportunities, including annual social work awards, practice education conferences and research programmes. You can find out about all of the breadth of benefits of working for Achieving for Children here.

Developing our staff

Developing our staff extends beyond offering great training opportunities. Watch this video about the career path of one of our Business Services team to find out more:

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In this video, one of our social workers talks about her career path:

Transcript of video
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