Achieving for Children

AfC Prime

AfC Prime provides social workers and managers to children’s services that are suffering from high rates of high staff turnover, unfilled vacancies and large amounts of agency workers.

Set up specifically to help directors and social work managers solve recruitment and retention problems, AfC Prime helps to make recruitment a springboard to service improvement by getting great staff in; helping to stabilise the service; and provide peer support to colleagues – all building a high-performing successful team that can attract and retain brilliant local social workers.



Working for AfC Prime

AfC Prime colleagues are contracted to work for six and 12 month secondments in children’s services throughout England. Usually you will be seconded with a pod of five other AfC Prime employees so effective workplace support can be given to you. Perhaps the easiest way to understand the role is to see it as a hybrid between a temporary and permanent employment. Like an agency worker, you will not stay in the same workplace for years at a time because you will be on a time limited secondment. And as a permanent member of staff you will accrue all the benefits that are associated with having a permanent employment contract.

By being part of AfC Prime you will:

  • Undertake time limited 6-12 month secondments in different local authorities – you will have no time to get bored or stuck in a routine somewhere
  • Work with Prime colleagues in a supportive pod – No more isolation as a locum because you will be placed as part of a pod with work colleagues with wrap around support from AfC Prime during your secondments.
  • Work in different areas of the UK – Do you want to see different parts of the UK?  You will have the opportunity to live and work in a different area of the country.
  • Enhance your opportunities for career advancement – through working in different areas you will enhance your skills through having to constantly adapt them to new situations.
  • Enhance your CV – doing secondments will make your CV attractive to prospective employers who will see diversity of experience, a healthy risk taking attitude and adaptability
  • Avoid office politics – through not being stuck in one location for years at a time
  • Earn a financial bonus – on completion of an annual secondment you will achieve a financial bonus which is 10% of your annual salary, which will be pro-rata for shorter secondments.

If you would like to talk through opportunities at AfC Prime, or for more information contact Andrew Thorne, Director of AfC Prime on 020 8891 7790 or by email:

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