Achieving for Children

School Performance Alliance for Richmond and Kingston (SPARK)

SPARKSPARK is the School Performance Alliance for Richmond and Kingston. Our key aims are to:

  1. Support all schools to become sustainably Good or better, whilst providing a network that supports and protects schools that find themselves in challenging circumstances.
  2. Aid all schools to continually improve provision and raise standards; narrowing gaps in attainment.
  3. Cultivate a professional development framework jointly with our Teaching School Alliances that actively facilitates school-led improvement.

Our School Improvement Strategy explains in detail how we aim to achieve this. We are governed by a group of elected headteachers in the School Improvement Strategy Group (SISG) and they shape our approach, holding us to account for high quality professional development and maintaining strong academic outcomes.

Over the 2018-19 academic year 80 schools in Kingston and Richmond (71%) purchased the full package of SPARK support, and a further 22 schools (20%) opting for one or more strands. Our annual survey of feedback from schools gives more information about our impact.

We have a fantastic team of Advisers who work with schools in a variety of ways. Our offer for schools in the 2018-19 academic year includes:

Schools can purchase one or two strands of the whole package. In addition, our team of SIPs and Advisers are available for one-off pieces of work, diaries permitting. If you would like more information about SPARK and what we can offer, please contact Rosemary Hafeez, Associate Director, School Standards and Performance.