Achieving for Children

SIMS Assessment (Kingston primary schools)

We provide support in getting the most out of the assessment resources within the SIMS management information system. Built on the successful assessment support offer we have delivered in partnership with Richmond schools over the last three years, we aim to simplify the whole process of setting up SIMS Assessment Markbooks and help to prepare for recording data using the new curriculum. We can help you through the technical process of building a robust system of Markbooks and analysis tools that best meet your needs, saving you time and allowing you to use your data more effectively.

This is a Premium service only.

What we can offer

  • Onsite support and guidance in the use of SIMS Markbooks, Progress and tracking grids
  • Setting up Markbooks to record Key Stage and Foundation Stage assessment, including statutory Key Stage recording
  • Creating tracking grids and assistance with data analysis
  • Advice and guidance on how to set up or improve internal assessment data systems using SIMS
  • Assistance in altering assessment templates for the new curriculum
  • Further SIMS support available on request
Achieving for Children