Achieving for Children

NQT Induction

We provide a local programme of professional support and training to equip newly qualified teachers (NQTs) for the classroom and lay the foundations for their future development.

This is a Premium service only.

What we can offer

Through the NQT Induction Service we fulfil the statutory role of ‘appropriate body’, quality assuring the induction year by arranging lesson observations, support for assessments, and providing required documentation to the Teaching Agency, an executive agency of the Department for Education.

The service also includes a year-long local training programme and career progression support, enabling NQTs to develop their knowledge and skills as part of a supportive cohort of peers. We provide bespoke support designed specifically to meet the needs of your NQT, ensuring that they meet the required standards and successfully complete their induction year.

Along with the tailored support for your NQT, we also provide high quality information, guidance and training for those who support induction programmes in school. We offer termly network meetings for NQT tutors to foster peer-to-peer support, shared learning and a supportive environment to discuss challenges or concerns.

Occasionally, there is the need to offer follow-up support on issues arising from NQT assessment or observations. Additional support for schools and NQTs is available where required. An experienced officer will provide guidance and advice to an NQT if a challenging situation arises and will talk through the options available with the school and NQT.

What our customers say

“This is excellent – they undertake great projects and our NQTs feel that they have a good support network.”  

“Fantastic reviews from all NQTs in recent years.”

Achieving for Children