Achieving for Children

Young people’s theatre production

Achieving for Children’s Anstee Bridge project teamed up with Bounce Theatre to put on a gala production of ‘Fried Chicken’, a production about preventing bullying, on Wednesday 8 February in Kingston. It was the result of a two year collaboration contributing to Anstee Bridge’s ‘confidence through creativity’ programme.

Anstee Bridge theatre production

The students worked with a writer to develop the story and the plot; edited the script to reflect changes in contemporary slang; helped audition actors, direct rehearsals, manage the technical needs of the play; and budgeted for and chose costume, hair and makeup. During the show students were present on stage as part of the cast, in the tech box operating a complex set of sound cues, and out in front-of-house welcoming guests, fundraising and addressing public enquiries.

Anstee Bridge theatre production

“At the Fried Chicken show I was giving out leaflets to the guests and greeting them as they came in.  I was a bit scared going up at the end, but I did enjoy going to it and being part of it.” – Student

“I went back stage to help the actors to prepare, which was great and also enjoyed watching the performance. The acts were all good.” – Student

Anstee Bridge theatre production

Anstee Bridge was set up in 2008 as an alternative education provision for year 11 students aged 15-16 in local Kingston schools who have become disengaged with education.

The production was jointly funded by Achieving for Children and the Arts Council.

Anstee Bridge will be producing education packs about the production and preventing bullying, which will be shared with schools.