Achieving for Children

Learning about healthy relationships through drama

In the last few weeks 13 young people at Powerstation Youth Centre in Mortlake have been participating in drama workshops exploring the topic of healthy relationships facilitated by the arts charity Tender.

Through drama, the young people had a safe space to explores sensitive issues around healthy and unhealthy relationships. They got to ‘rehearse’ situations in order to observe the consequences of their choice of action and to ‘step into the shoes’ of other characters and so develop empathy and an understanding of how it feels to be someone else.

The project intended to enable young people to:

The group really enjoyed taking part and feel they have learnt a lot.

“The acting was really fun and we had a laugh, but also it made us think about people we are friends with or go out with, and if they are good for you in the long run.” –  Courtnay, 15

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