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‘Our health, your hands’ – Celebrating 70 years of the NHS in Kingston

Anstee Bridge and Bounce Theatre are delighted to have received a £98,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for an exciting project, ‘Our Health, Your Hands’ in Kingston upon Thames. Made possible by money raised by National Lottery players, the project will celebrate 70 years of the NHS in Kingston and the evolution of Kingston Hospital.

Launching in July 2018, the project offers a year of learning for over 300 children and young people. They will research, document and share the history of Kingston Hospital from workhouse to fully functional modern hospital.

Lisa Ward, Head of Communications, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said: “We are delighted to be working with Anstee Bridge and Bounce Theatre on this really exciting project celebrating the history of the hospital. It will provide a great opportunity for the hospital to work with young people across Kingston and to help them learn more about the NHS and their local hospital.”

Through the project the young people will be given a unique insight into the evolution of the hospital in response to scientific, technological and social evolution. Alongside this they will have an opportunity to find out more about careers in the NHS.

Katherine Greening, Programme Leader for Anstee Bridge says “I am ecstatic about taking part in this project.  What a wonderful opportunity for our Anstee young people, where they will discover and learn so much and feel a real connection with their community and local heritage. It will be such an experience and potentially life-changing for our young people, who will gain so many skills and opportunities and feel a real sense of belonging.”

Over the year the participants will produce a mosaic time-lining Kingston Hospital’s 70 years of service to the community. Alongside this there will be live performance and a series of exhibitions across the borough. The project will culminate in an evening of creative heritage curated by the young people at the National Archives, on the cusp of the 71st year of the NHS.

Collaborating with Anstee Bridge and Bounce Theatre will be the National Archives and Kingston History Room. The heritage professionals attached to each organisation will bring a deeper insight into the history of the hospital, as well as share valuable skills in heritage and communication.

Sara Griffiths, Outreach Manager at the National Archives said: “We are really excited to be taking part in this project to help young people explore our records on the history and founding of the NHS. Working with volunteers from the project, we will deliver mini workshops that will support the students in their interpretation of the records and provide inspiration for their creative performances.”

Anstee Bridge would welcome volunteers to participate in the project, collecting and contributing memories to build the story of the NHS in Kingston. For more details on how to get involved please email