Achieving for Children

Digital maturity programme

DIMA (digital maturity) was a programme of work that was funded by the Department for Education and ran from November 2020 to March 2021. In the programme context, digital maturity means being able to respond to the needs of children, young people, families and stakeholders efficiently and effectively, using appropriate digital methods. The project’s mission was to share information regarding digital best practice across children’s services and troubleshoot common challenges about digital tools used in children’s social care.

Achieving for Children provides children’s social care services across three local authorities and has been on a digital journey since 2018. The innovation and learning undertaken through the DIMA programme has led to some innovative digital solutions to common challenges faced by professionals in the sector.

This guidance provides local authority children’s social care professionals with a summary of the common challenges faced and potential solutions.

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From our research and conversations with other children’s social care staff, we saw some common themes arise. We have therefore categorised the guidance into five channels:

  1. Digital transformation
  2. Assistive technology
  3. Replacing paper
  4. Working remotely
  5. Back office processes

Part of the DIMA project was to share innovation within SEND services with other local authorities. Read about the SEND service digital improvements here.

Achieving for Children