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DfE grant awarded to the Early Years team

Our Early Years team bid for and was awarded a grant from the Department for Education’s 30 Hours Delivery Support Fund (DSF). The DSF provides support for work that will that will directly benefit the 30 hours delivery and will create – directly or indirectly – new 30 hours places at childcare providers across Kingston and Richmond.

Three distinct projects are currently running in parallel to one another, as part of the DSF, all with the overall aims of ensuring that there is sufficient childcare available to parents in Kingston and Richmond; that the childcare available is able to meet the diverse needs of all children; and that childcare providers are able to offer this in a way that is sustainable to their businesses.

The three projects

Market analysis of demand and supply of childcare

Conducting an analysis of the market to understand parents’ childcare needs and the supply of 30 hour places will help demonstrate to childcare providers the demand for 30 hours in their area, giving them the confidence to invest in providing places.

Business sustainability and change support

Some childcare providers have expressed concerns that engaging with the 30 hour offer might negatively impact their business. This project provides targeted support and guidance to them on changing their business model to enable them to engage with the 30 hour offer, taking advantage of the demand we know exists locally and maintaining a sustainable business.

Support the creation of 30 hour places for children with SEND

This project involves developing a higher level of inclusive practice by enhancing the skills of the private, voluntary and independent sector (including childminders) across Kingston and Richmond. A total of 12 settings with strong inclusive practice, across both boroughs, have been selected to take part in the project. They will receive a fully funded, comprehensive and enhanced programme to better support the inclusion of children with significant needs, who may also be eligible for 30 hours. As a result, the 12 settings will be expected to share excellent inclusive practice with other settings across Kingston and Richmond.

You can find out more information about the 30 hours offer on our AfCinfo website.

July 2018